In this world, suspicious activities over user’s accounts have become quite common. The same thing has been with users on MSN. Now if you are the one who is not aware of what to do with it. Follow these steps. Yes there are multiple alternatives to it, so don’t step back from taking the advantage.

Change Password

  • Here you first need to go to the profile name
  • Now Click on View Account
  • Once you do this you can change your password in no time

Reset password

  • Go to Microsoft sign-in page and enter your username there.
  • In the next step click on forget my password link and then press “I think someone is using my Microsoft email account.
  • Now you must have to select a reason to move forward to the next step.
  • Once you get done with it you just have to enter the captcha.
  • Now you will get multiple options to receive the security code. Once you select one of them it will direct you to the screen where you will now have to enter the new to reset the previous one.

Solutions given above are reliable and up to the mark. Just make sure you follow them appropriately to get rid of MSN email issues permanently.


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