Regardless of the type of printer you are using, be it an inkjet or a laser printer from HP. You are sure to face the error messages at one point of time. And, rather than being confused at the time, you can do simple things which will help resolve the problem in no time.

We will be providing you with a list of a few error codes and their equivalent solution. Keep reading the blog to know more about HP Printer Error Codes.

What are the Common HP Printer Error Codes?

Take a look at the list of some of the common error codes which if not resolved can easily damage your printer while affecting its functionality.

  1. HP Printer Error Code 02

This error is mostly linked with printer cable and driver issues. Another reason for this issue is a hardware problem.

Solution– Try to restart your HP Printer to get rid of the error messages. Or you can also contact a printer professional to help with the hardware issue.

  1. HP Printer Error Code 11– This particular error code is majorly associated with your printer being out of paper.

Solution– Get some papers which are compatible with your printing device. Add the papers into the input tray and the error should sway away immediately.

  1. HP Printer Error Code 12– One of the reasons due to which you are facing the error is either because you have installed the ink cartridges in the wrong manner or the print cover is still open.

Solution– Reinstall the ink cartridges, you can also avail guidance from an expert in doing so. Also, make sure to put the covers properly. Don’t believe until you hear the click sound.

  1. HP Printer Error Code 13– This error is directly linked with the paper jam error.

Solution– Simply follow the on-screen instructions to troubleshoot the problem. If even then the problem doesn’t resolve then take out the jammed paper carefully and you will be good to go with a functional printer.

  1. HP Printer Error Code 40- An error as such occurs because a data transfer error has been responsible for a communicational barrier between the printer and the PC.

Solution- Make sure that you check all the network connections as well as the cable connections.

  1. HP Printer Error Code 56– The main reason behind this error is that the connection between the DC controller and the formatter is extremely poor.

Solution– If this error pops up, then you need to prepare to call for professional printer help.

  1. HP Printer Error Code 62– This error is clear indication to a memory error or even a defective formatter board.

Solution– One simple solution which you can follow is to reseat the memory chips. If this doesn’t work then you will simply have to replace the formatter board.

  1. HP Printer Error Code 99– An error as such is directly related to a firmware update.

Solution– Make sure to always keep the flash firmware updated.

Let us know if you are willing to find solutions to more HP Printer Error Codes. We will be more than happy to help you out.


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