For many users, ghosting is one of the most irritating issues. Wondering why? Well, this is one problem which often occurs with HP’s laser printers. The document which is printer is much lighter in appearance which then results to a ghosting issue.

And, usually there are an array of reasons associated with the HP Printer Ghosting issue. We will make sure to discuss each of them and also provide you with proper solution to the problem.

What leads to HP Printer Ghosting Issue?

Now, let’s quickly hop on to some of the underlying causes which will help you discover the reasons behind the ghosting printing error.

  1. Damaged Drum Unit– Over continuous use of the drum unit, it can sometimes break down leading to a printing ghosting error.
  2. Fuser Unit Temperature – Yes, you heard it right. Temperature of the fuser unit matters. However, you can also change the temperature of the printer depending on the settings established.
  3. Printing Papers– Always make sure that the papers which you are using are appropriate for your printing device.
  4. Always make sure that you store your printer in a dry space. If you ask why then the answer is that often humid environments can clump up the toner powder.

What solutions can be applied to fix HP Printer Ghosting Error?

Here are a few things which you can do to eradicate the ghosting printing error. Adhere to the methods and you will be more than happy with the printing outcome.

  1. Replace the drum unit if you find that it is damaged.
  2. Try to adjust the temperature in your fuser unit. If still the problem doesn’t resolve then it will be best to replace the fuser unit completely.
  3. Use papers which are only designed for HP Laser Printers. Using a different paper can surely result in a ghosting issue.
  4. Check the toner which you are using for your HP Printer.
  5. Always make sure that if you are using a pre-printer paper, then it has to be compatible with the laser printer ink.

If even this doesn’t resolve your problem, then do not hesitate to grab professional printer assistance from experts.


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