Today, we can see that wireless printing has become such a common thing for most users. Moreover, a strong Wi-Fi connection makes printing even easier. Plus you never have to worry about wires getting tackled, mobility and other hassles.

But, what if you start facing issues with the HP Wireless Printer. To start, let’s just say that many users today are facing connectivity issues with their wireless printers.

Ways to Resolve HP Wireless Printer Connectivity Issue

We are now providing you with few basic solutions which should be able to help you out with the connectivity errors.

  1. ‘Restart’ is the Initial solution to everything

Did you know that most of the errors related to technology can be easily eradicated with the help of a simple restart? If you haven’t tried it yet, then give it a shot. You can also try to restart the router if necessary.

  1. Resolve Issues with VPNs and IP Addresses

Well, talking about VPNs they are the most crucial network security which ensures high-quality remote connections. And, about IP addresses, if they are changed then there are chances that it could interrupt connections.

Solution – Try to disable your VPN temporarily and then print documents.

In windows try to use and run the Update IP address Utility. This will help fix the changes in the IP addresses.

For Mac, try to remove and re-add the HP printer.

  1. Area Labeled Connectivity

If you notice then most HP Printers today do have an area labeled connectivity. Check for the word ‘PASS’ here. If it is there then connection exists and if not then check the router connections and get the printer to reconnect.

You can do so with the help of –

  • HP Wireless Setup Wizard
  • WPS Protected Setup
  • HP Auto Wireless Connect

These methods should easily be able to help you deal with HP Wireless Printer Connectivity/Network issues. If you are unable to find appropriate solutions then make sure to contact for professional help immediately to start printing asap.


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